Thursday, September 24, 2009

Weekly Picks

Last Week (and the season) 6-2

Last week wasn't too bad. This week is full of land mines...

Ole Miss 27, SoCar 20 - I'd like to pick OBC and the Cocks, but I don't have enough confidence. I do like Garcia so far this season, and his improvement will be key in SoCar's success this year. But, I want them to win, so they won't, and Snead and the Rev will clean up late.

Mizz 31, Nev. 19 - Nevada has been capital F-flat this year. I thought they'd at least challenge Notre Dame, what with that crazy pistol and all. Then, they collapsed against the Rams of CSU and look to be cruising for o and 3 against this dangerous Tiger team.

GA Tech 31, UNC 20 - Let's see, will the ACC suddenly become easy to pick and predict, or will it be a HUGE waste of time like it is every year? This game should show us. I'm opting for the regular retard-ery of the 5-3 conference and picking the Jackets to spoil the Heels' early season run.

Cal 28, Oregon 27 - Most of me wants to pick Oregon, but I won't. I don't see the Ducks D shutting down Best, and in the end, he's the difference in this ball game. Golden Bears, but close.

VA Tech 24, Miami 21 - Miami's riding high, now. Just high enough to be brought crashing down back to earth. Look for the Hokies to stymie the 'Canes long enough for Tyrod to luck into enough points to win.

Clemson 26, TCU 17 - C'mon Horned Frogs! I want TCU to bust the BCS this year, but I see this Clemson game being enough of an obstacle to keep them from doing it.

Stanford 26, Washington 23 - How will the huskies react to their big win? My guess is by overlooking the Cardinal and falling into their own trap this week. Sarkisian very well might have learned to lose the little one during his time in LA...

Ohio State 38, Illinois 22 - State will be confused enough early to give up some points, but will rebound for the win. I see Pryor having a career day.

'Bama 34, Arkansas 21 - SLow and steady wins the race...

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