Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday Top-25

The Big Three:

1. Alabama
2. Florida
3. Texas

One Loss, but still top-tier:

4. VA Tech - I believe in 'Bama, which means I have to believe in the Hokies.

5. Oklahoma - Bradford's coming back soon. I think the Sooners beat Miami and roll up the rest of the South, except Texas, of course.

6. USC - I've been impressed with Ohio State the last 2 weeks, but USC beat them so I need to keep the Trojans above the bucks...for now.

7. Ohio State - see above.

Now it gets funky:

8. Nebraska - By the 'Bama proxy, I have to support a team that's 1 point away from perfect.

The Wild Cards:

9. Houston - The Cougars could, it appears, be at least third in the Big-XII South Division.

10. TCU - 2 BCS wins and a stout defense. I like it.

11. Boise St. - Need more impressive wins, unless Oregon keeps dropping team like they did Cal.

12. Cincy - Of these 4 teams threatening the top-tier, the 'Cats are who I like the least right now.

Undefeated but Iffy:

13. Iowa - How long till the Ferentz factor kicks in?

14. LSU - Still look a little shaky to me.

15. Kansas - 4-0, but no real tests.

16. Auburn - Same as Kansas.

The Rest:

17. Miami - Give them a season or two and we'll be talking about them in the top-5. I do not see them beating Oklahoma this year, though.

18. Oklahoma St. - OK, are the pokes disappointing or is Houston for real?

19. Missouri - This Tiger team has been very surprising.

20. South Florida - This is purely based on beating FSU with a backup QB. This is VERY likely to change.

Hangers On:

21. Oregon - a big win over Cal looks great and that loss to Boise might not be so bad at season's end.

22. Georgia - Minus 9 in turnovers, but still 3-1. If they don't clean it up, they'll be hard pressed to finish in the top-25.

23. Penn St. - This could be too low for one loss, but they looked flat terrible last week.

24. South Carolina - Great D and a big win over Ole Miss.

25. Cal - It will be Jahvid Best vs. Jeff Tedford to see what kind of team Cal is the rest of the year.

At the Gates:

Ole Miss
GA Tech

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