Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - Septmeber 13


1. Rennie Curran - Batted down pass on 4th down to save the game. Well done, sir.

2. Tailgating - Home opener - finaly! - and a new tailgating spot. I think we broke it in nicely, and I managed to control myself, for the most part. BL Lime + OJ, the Gameday staple, broke us in early, Stealler1 busted out an omelet bar and Weezy, as usual, served as the Grillmaster. Good times were had by all.

3. Tate Forcier/Michigan - This year's edition of Michigan-ND was one of the best in the series, and Big Blue won thanks to the impressive play of true freshman, Tate Forcier. He looked impressive and RichROd's offense looks like it might be finally finding its way in Ann Arbor.

4. Mike Peterson - He had 7 tackles, a forceds fumble and an INT to lead the Falcons to a win today over Miami. The Dolphins didn't find the endzone until late, and Petrson's pick set up Gonzales' first TD as a Falcon.

5. These State Patrol Officers.

6. The ACC - While admittedly questionable with teams like Duke and Virginia, I think this conference is vastly underrated. Not only that, but they've provided some great, off-Saturday, entertainment in the first two weeks. Miami-FSU was exciting and GA Tech-Clemson was maybe even better. If they continue to appetize us with weeknight thrillers, we'll all owe this conference something by maybe a little respect.

7. Memphis, Karma, Bella and Addie. These 4 dogs were at the tailgate next to us and just lived it all day, going Dawgs, getting out of the kitchen, and dragging chairs across the parking lot at light speed. Friendly and well-behaved, they made my day and tricked most of us into falling for them by noon.

8. Inappropriate Humor - Those of you lucky enough o enjoy a little of this with me this weekend, you know who you are.

9. Sunday Afternoon Naps - There's nothing better.

10. Like Santa Claus, he has many names. But whether you call him Grillmaster or Father Tailgate, you know that tailgating doesn't run without H.Weezy. Here's your official FTS Thank You.

The Aaron Giachetti "Not My First Choice" Honorable Mention:
Brandon Boykin's Kickoff return TD, Chick-Fil-A on a Saturday Morning to open up tailgating, (be prepared to waste some time), Autumn weather, it's almost here!

The Bad: People I'd Like to Punch in the Face

5. Paul Broun - A group of constituents would like to meet with you and you refuse to do it. Pathetic. You, sir, are an embarrassment. BTW, what's that odd smell coming from your son's bedroom...?

4. People from the suburbs with huge trucks, big tires, fake accents and rural affectations. What are you trying to prove, idiots?

3. Tila Tequila - Not because of the Merriman thing - I'd imagine there's some personal shit there that's really none of our business - but just for existing. This incident has just reminded of her and the fact she's famous for NO FUCKING REASON, except maybe as part of a global conspiracy to make America dumber. Congratulations: mission accomplished. Not only that, but it's looking more and more like she's just making shit up. Why couldn't Vick just have drowned, electrocuted, or hung this waste of space?

2. People who deny slavery as the cause of the Civil War. Grow up a little bit, OK? You're making the rest of us look bad.

1. SC Congressman, Joe Wilson. You stay classy, Palmetto State. You know, if they secede again, I say just let the nutty bastards go.

The Diggstown "Not Quite on the Fight Card" Honorable Mention:
Myself, again, for not having seen Inglourious Basterds or Extract, Nancy Pelosi - just because, Homer fans and bad sportsman - fuck you, you childish punks.

The Ugly:

Colorado Football. I picked them to finish second in the Big 12 North. Now they look like they'll be lucky to win a single game. They've been beaten by Colorado State and Toledo so far, so who knows how bad it'll get in league play. C'mon Hawk, THIS IS BIG 12 FOOTBALL!, remember? Between he and Gundy, it makes me wonder what's in the water out in Big-12 land.

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  1. I have been loving the "Power Poll", it may be my favorite column on FTS. And not just for the shout outs! But thanks for said shout outs and to all who read the site and come to tailgating, "You are very welcome!". To me, tailgating is what college football is all about. It brings us all together over and over again, which is the greatest time ever.