Monday, September 28, 2009

Quick Thoughts

The Overlooked Injury - Whose concussion means more to their program, Tim Tebow or Conan O'Brien? BTW, it was very odd to discover that Teri Hatcher/Conan story while watching a rerun of the Seinfeld episode, The Implant, which quest stars, you guessed it, Teri Hatcher. Wow, she was much hotter back them than she is now. What was I saying...?

NASCAR vs. Fashion Shows - Filmdrunk has a great post up making fun of the Tim Burton Fashion Show. The best part? This little gem comparing fashion shows to NASCAR:
"Fashion shows are basically the bohemian equivalent of NASCAR: a massive waste of natural resources and man-hours that any reasonable society would be wise to ban. The key difference being that you can’t watch a fashion show from the roof of your RV whilst enjoying a cold Bud. Advantage: NASCAR."

The NFL: What You're Actually Watching - Cracked has a great pie chart breakdown of what you actually watch during an NFL broadcast. Check it out here, it's quite accurate.

How is Georgia 3-1...? - And not 0-4? Mark Schlabach points out "...Georgia remains one of the most undisciplined teams in the country. The No. 18 Bulldogs average 10.25 penalties per game (third-worst among FBS teams) and they've turned the ball over three times in each of their four games." Without heroic efforts from Cox at Arkansas or Green against ASU, we would likely be winless. It's ridiculous.

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  1. im in total agreement about UGA. they showed a great graphic during the ASU game that highlighted our inept defense, something about our D being in the bottom 100 of every major category.

    what happened to it? where did it go? is it martinez? is it the players?

    with our offense clicking in the past few years, we just need our defense to come along, and we will be in that national championship conversation every year.