Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

1. The Good: POWER POLL

1. Football Season! Sure I'm sitting at 0-1, now, and getting crushed in my pick 'em league, but I'm slowly becoming more of a fan of the sport as a whole than just my team. It's a spectacular feeling, the kickoff to a new season. The colors, sights, sounds; the excitement and the agony. Even in defeat, football is glorious and we are all better for it.

2. BLO-J's - Bud Light Lime + Orange Juice = A delicious morning cocktail for gamedays. Mix almost equal parts (a touch more beer) in a glass (or solo cup at tailgating) and enjoy. It makes the usual shitty spate of early games a bit more palatable and is a great way to ease into the day's festivities.

3. Anthony Bourdain - I'm reading Kitchen Confidential right now. It's the perfect literary compliment to the new season of No Reservations.

4. Megan Fox - She was fading away, but the ads for Jennifer's Body have her roaring back up the poll.

5. Big Season Opening Games - I know UGA went on the road and lost, but god was it exciting. I'll take it anytime over hosting a cupcake FCS cheesedick opponent in a blowout. I hope we see more, but I doubt we will. Kudos to OK St., UGA, VA Tech, Bama, Boise, Oregon and even SoCar and NCSU.

6. The Pogues' Body of an American - I love this song right now.

7. Allgood Lounge - Ah, my home away from home. I should probably just have my paychecks deposited directly into their accounts.

8. Hemingway - Between books, I revisited some Hemingway short stories. And, you know what? I think I like his non-fiction better than his fiction. A Moveable Feast is one of my favorite books of all time; I cruised through it in no time flat. His novels, however, can be slower reads, and a lot of that probably has to do with his shallow female characters. So, now that I think about it, why is he so high on the poll...?

9. Michigan's big win - For some reason, I'm pulling for RichRod. I thought he was losing his team with the hours rule violations last week and his players ratting on him, but things look OK. Tate Forcier played well for a true frosh, and adjusting for the fact it was Western MI, the Wolverines could be pretty good in '09. God, I hope the beat Notre Dame...

10. Taco Bell - There's no better late night treat after a hard day (and night) of heavy drinking. It's even more enjoyable when you have a go-to cabdriver who will take you there; God bless Yassin.

The Aaron Giachetti "Not My First Choice" Honorable Mention List:

Popeyes Fried Chicken; Alabama's all white unis; A steak and mushroom quesadilla from Barberito's; Madden NFL '10

2. The Bad: People I'd Like to Punch in the Face

5. Sarah Palin - If she keeps quiet, she'll eventually be off the list for good - and that will be good for everybody involved.

4. Lagarrette Blount - What an idiot. Now, I'm not going to ever actually try to punch him, because judging by what I saw, he'd murder me in seconds flat. He does, still, deserve mention here.

3. Any of these people.

2. Ignorant Fans/Homers/Cheering for Spite - With the joy of football season comes the hazards of interacting with various types of fans. Some good, some even great, but many more idiots, mouth breathers, knuckle draggers, assholes, drunkards, loudmouths and their douchey ilk. They'll scream about every call, complain and insult about their own players, and have the NCAA world view of a slug. I HATE most of these people.

1. Paul Broun - Look dumbass, Obama can't be a socialist and a fascist. Read a book, for fuck's sake, you ignorant douchebag.

The Diggstown "Not Quite on the Fight Card" Honorable Mention:

My O-line on NCAA Football '10; Michael Moore (I'll wait to put on the poll until I see the new movie); Penn and Teller for copping out and laying up with the season finale

3. The Ugly:
One thing that happened during the week that just has to be mentioned:

Lagarrette Blount's KO punch after the Oregon Ducks lost to Boise State. Maybe it's the rarefied Boise air, or the blue turf, or some trash talk, but he went totally - and inexcusably - NUTS. It earned him a well deserved suspension for the rest of the season. Check Jinx's post here.


  1. excellent! i like these posts. keep it up.

  2. I'll have to agree with all of this, especially re: homer fans.

    People on FB have been talking trash about UGA nonstop since Saturday. People who went to (and I'm sure some who did not even graduate from) Georgia Southern. It's pathetic, considering they won in a squeaker to Albany on Saturday. Blech. I'm not even going to respond to them...but it's hard not to.

  3. jinx, you keep your high ground. lets not sink to that level.

    just rejoice in the fact that they went to Ga So. and you didn't.

  4. Thanks, KTL. I've decided to keep my mouth shut.

    And I do rejoice...every day, b/c it very easily could have been me if I hadn't applied myself.