Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mark Richt Says "Dumbass" and Grantham Re-visited


A video from a local Nashville station captured what happened when James Franklin and Mark Richt finally met up after the game. Franklin recaps what happened immediately post-game - getting taunted by Williams, pointing that act out to Georgia staff, and the unfortunate Grantham altercation - and, honestly, Richt seems completely unsurprised. He must know that Williams is a "dumbass" and Grantham is a goddamn childish asshole.

I've caught some flack from other Georgia fans for criticizing Grantham. You can say maybe I'm not as big of a Georgia fan as someone who blindly supports him, but fuck that noise. I'll say I'd rather be a thoughtful, intelligent fan of my team and the whole game itself than be a simple homer. Grantham is completely inappropriate, from the Florida choke to the new Vandy hulk-out, he's shown he has no decorum or self control. That means he has no discipline. Raging out over a bad call or calling out reporters in press conferences is one thing, taunting kids and physically attacking other coaches is a whole new bag. And that bag is full of shit. And any Georgia fan who wants to carry that bag for Grantham is as big of a dumbass as the DC they admire so much.

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