Sunday, October 2, 2011


Yesterday was a solid win. Solid, not great. Just acceptable; a satisfactory mark on a pass/fail scale, but the definition of average on grade scale. The first half was good, but the second half had more malaise than the Carter presidency. Yet, it seemed very familiar. Almost comfortably familiar. It was, almost to textbook specifications, Mark Richt football. Predictable, safe - sometimes cowardly -  playcalling, good defense (when was the last time we could say that?), and just sitting on a lead through the second half. No flash, no flair, no fun; just a win.

The defense looked really good most of the game. They were getting nickled and dimed for short passes early on, but made the appropriate adjustments and Sanders Commings played nasty coverage, finally getting a pick after being so close twice. Grantham dialed up blitzes at the right moments and Georgia sacked Relf five times and held the Other Bulldogs' offense to 3 points. It was like 2005 again.

Offensively, things felt a little less together. Crowell topped 100 yards again, but Murray looked flat out atrocious at times. He threw passes he had no business throwing and got picked three times. I just don't understand what's happening to him; how has he not progressed anymore than this? It almost seemed like we should have brought Mason in, just to try something different. If Murray keeps playing like this, we're gonna be screwed when it come to some of the tougher games.

Speaking of once reliable people becoming train wrecks, what the fuck's wrong with Blair Walsh? Another missed FG and another day of him apparently just not giving a shit. We have other kickers - maybe it's time to use them.

Beyond that, I could criticize the second half game plan, but a win's a win, and we haven't been getting enough of them the last few years to be too picky right now. At least Cornelius Wahsington knows how to celebrate. /idiot.

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