Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Evening QB

I don't see anyone on left on Wisconsin's schedule that looks like they can stop the Badgers. Wilson had a pedestrian day passing, going 12/17 for 170 and a TD, but he caught a Montee Ball half-back pass, remained the nation's leader in pass efficiency, and guided his team to a absolute crushing of Indiana. Ball went for 142 and White added 87 behind that big, corn-fed, cheese-bred offensive line. Michigan State looked pretty solid retaining the Paul Bunyan Axe, but it'll take more than that for the Spartans to top Wisky in two weeks. When do we start including the Badgers on equal footing with Oklahoma?

God, was that South Carolina - Mississippi State game boring. The last few minutes got kind of exciting, but it was 7-7 deep into the fourth. On a side note, I wish Marcus Lattimore a speedy recovery, he might have gouged Georgia two seasons in a row, but he's a beast, and I gotta respect that; he also seems like a pretty good kid. Let's hope the spraind diagnosis stands true and he gets better soon.

Texas A&M asserted themselves with a big win over Baylor. The Aggies do have two losses, but they're to Arkansas and Oklahoma State, both of whom are top-15 teams. If Texas stays as bad as they are right now, A&M really only has Oklahoma standing in the way of a 10-win season. Not a bad way to leave the Big-12.

Boise State pounded another hapless MWC foe, and still nobody cares. With each conference patsy they cream, voters get further and further away from the Georgia win in week one. In a week or two, The Broncos will slide to the bottom of the undefeateds in the polls.

After sleep walking through the first quarter, LSU woke up and pounded Tennessee. The Vols finally found a semblance of a run game, but it wasn't enough to even inconvenience the Tigers. That November 5 showdown with Alabama is getting bigger and bigger each week, but LSU needs to be careful not to overlook Auburn next week.

By the way, Trent Richardson is sickening. There should be a penalty for flagrant intentional embarrassment and he should have been called for it a few times against Ole Miss. He looked like a goddamn video game out there. Alabama could have scored a hundred if they wanted to.

And Rutgers is your Big East leader this week, folks. Oh, and a terrible UConn team beat previously ranked South Florida. Jesus, I hate trying to make sense of this league; it's like Les Miles if Les Miles were a conference.

What is about Georgia Tech and road trips to Chancellorsville? Something about Thomas Jefferson's architecture is like kryptonite to the Yellow Jackets. Still, though, LOL. Tech wrecked. While we're on hilariously ended undefeated seasons, let's talk about Illinois. Nathan Scheelhaas has finally been Zook'd. He doesn't know the score during the game and he called a punt from his opponents 30 yard line. Even the gutsiest of quarterbacks can't stand up to that kind of idiocy.

Why was Aubie wearing a tie-dyed shirt? Actually, scratch that, judging by the rest of the game, it makes perfect sense. 

I wish I had been able to watch Clemson-Maryland, it looked like it was a good one. Clemson tried to be all Clemson-y, but Sammy Watkins said 'no.' The Tigers winning ways continue. I hope they mouth rape Georgia Tech in two weeks. Kansas State also kept its streak alive, turning back a scrappy Texas tech team in Lubbock Saturday evening. With lowly Kansas next week, it looks like the Wildcats will be unbeaten when they host Oklahoma in two weeks.

Oregon kept rolling last night, thumping Arizona State. But in consecutive weeks they've lost LaMichael James and Darron Thomas. The Ducks are going to need all their pieces back and healthy for that showdown with Stanford.

Louisiana-Lafayette is 6-1. Their one loss? To Oklahoma State. The Ragin' Cajuns could probably best half the SEC East.

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