Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Morning QB

Another weekend of college football down, another round up of things that stood out to me:
  • La Michael James is the man; I hope he gets healthy again quickly.

  • I was wrong about Fresno State Friday night. Boise State finally broke out of the slump of relatively unimpressive wins they'd been in the last few weeks and took the west coast bulldogs behind the woodshed. Moore was his usual clinical self, finishing with a 175 rating and 3 TD's.
  •  Unrelated to football, but I saw Donald Glover in downtown Athens Friday night. Awesome.
  •  Somewhere in the third quarter, Oklahoma was started to play not just against Texas on the field, but also against LSU-Alabama in the minds of the pollsters. The Sooners had the 'Horns on the ropes all day, but Stoops never really let off the pressure and his starters were in very late. Don't get me wrong, I'm not calling him out for it. I'm just wondering how much good it did.
  • Maybe Connor Shaw is the answer in Columbia. I know Kentucky is about as dumpster-y of a fire as you can get, but Shaw didn't make any mistakes
  • We finally saw points taken off the board for taunting. Because of a punter. From Australia. Wow. The letter of the law says "egregious." That was NOT egregious. Oh, well.
  • We might have seen Clemson's dream season carted off the field along with Tajh Boyd.
  • It feels like Nathan Scheelhouse is undoing everything Ron Zook has tried to implement at Illinois. I mean, he wins and shit; that is not Zook-ball!
  • Florida State has reverted back to the mean. I feel more comfortable that way.
  • Kansas scored an early TD against OK State. Three minutes later, they were down 7-14 in a first half that saw the Cowboys put up 56 points.Wheedon was ruthlessly efficient, throwing 5 TD's on his way to a first half rating of 231 before sitting the rest of the game. Ri. Dic. U. lous.

  • Yes, Pittbull, we all want to have a real good time, but bourbon'll get you there a lot faster than Dr. Pepper will. While we're on the topic of commercials, why the NAPA commercial, CBS? WHY?!
  • That VA Tech game-Miami game turned out to be exciting. Not real sure how the Hokies let themselves blow that lead, but it made for a fun game. It seemed like every offensive player had their difficulty set to the lowest level. And Jacory didn't throw a pick all day. I know, right?

  • Very childish, Texas Tech; I bet A&M can't wait to leave you behind. I'm glad they played the whole game and put the Raiders and their birther coach in their proper place. While we're in the Big-XII, Kansas State is 5-0. WTF?
  • Shoelace threw three picks. But he also racked up 442 total yards and 4 TD's. I know Northwestern's not Wisconsin, but there was a statement made in Evanston tonight. I thought they'd lose and things would start evening out for this team, but i was wrong. The Wolverines can play through adversity and Hoke's doing a good job. An 8-4 year looks likely and that's a good thing.
  • Arkansas-Auburn was not nearly as crazy as it was supposed to be. It actually wasn't crazy at all. Very disappointing; you guys are supposed to be the wacky ones. I guess I was surprised by how bad Auburn looked overall. We all knew Roof would get burned, but where were the points?
  • Earlier I asked how much good Oklahoma pouring it on in the second half did. After seeing what LSU and Alabama did, I'd say not much. The Sooners looked good, but Texas did a lot of the damage to themselves; it won't be enough to overtake the SEC West schools.
  • With Rutgers dominating Pitt, it's good to know that the Big East makes as much sense as ever.

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