Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Afternoon QB

This man is very just can't tell.
The college football weekend got started off with some UPSET FEVER Thursday night. Pitt demolished a what-had-been-impressive South Florida team, with Ray Graham gouging the Bulls for over 200 yards on the ground. It was an impressive win for sure, but you just never know what it actually means in the Big East. In an overlooked game, the Miners of UTEP took Case Keenum and the Cougars to the wire. Houston pulled it out, but barely. I haven't watched them play since week one and I don't think I'm alone in that. This will be a forgotten team soon - and a forgotten heisman cmapaign for Keenum.

What are the knocks on Wisconsin now? The Badgers absolutely crushed Nebraska last night in every facet of the game. Russel Wilson looked sharp but Montee Ball looked dominant. He slashed the vaunted Blackshirts for a buck-fifty and 4 TD's. Defensively, Wisky hounded Tyler Martinez all game long and picked him three times. I don't say this often, but I honestly think this Badger team could play with anyone in the country, even Alabama and LSU.

Texas A&M hates playing football in the fourth quarter.

Alabama once again steamrolled a very good opponent. It looked almost identical to the Arkansas game; suffocating defense, smart QB play, and a whole lotta Trent Richardson. I don't know if even LSU will be able to stop this team. On a more sour note, that injury that put John Brantley out of the game looked pretty terrible.I know he's a Gator, but I hope he's not seriously/permanently injured. The Gators need to be praying for his speedy return; without him, they'll struggle through the rest of the year.

I know it was just Minnesota, but damn, Michigan.

Auburn finally gave their defense some time off the field and guess what? It paid off. Dyer carried the ball, like, a million times (OK, really 41) and churned out 141 yards. It might only be a 3.4 ypc average, but it ate clock and gave Roof's D much needed breaks. It also helped that Stepehn Garcia played all Stephen Garcia-y.

Andrew Luck, wideout:

Is Clemson for real? I thought for sure the losses would be piling up soon, starting this weekend in Blacksburg. I was wrong. Dead wrong. The Tigers didn't just win, they dominated. The Hokies couldn't get anything going and once Clemson found its rhythm, it was ballgame. #DABO That GA Tech matchup at the end of the month is gonna be a big one. The Jackets' offense looks unstoppable (35 TD's through 5 games!) and if they figure Talh Boyd out, Tech could become a BCS lock.

Hey, Notre Dame won.

That Pacific Northwest is finally getting it's act together. It wasn't that long ago we were wondering if good football would return to the Evergreen State. Now the Apple Cuppers are a combined 8-2 after Wazzou beat Colorado and Washington drilled Utah in SLC. I bet the Huskies would like another shot at Nebraska now.

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