Friday, July 29, 2011

Annual FTS Preseason Poll Disclaimer

I've been doing personal top-25 preseason polls for years now, ever since I discovered the world of preseason mags way back in middle school (thanks Athlon and Lindy's). Every time I did it, I caught myself placing teams by where I thought they'd finish, not what I thought of their talent/coaching/etc. in comparison to other teams. So, I'd scrap it and start over...then I'd think about schedule and fatigue and bye-weeks and realize that in the end, I was going to end up with teams sorted by where I thought they'd end up anyway. Then I'd fish the crumpled up original draft out of the trashcan and finish it. Then I'd stick it in the inside cover of one of the magazines and there it'd sit all season long. God they were terrible.

Why am I telling you this? Because I still pretty much do the same thing. Only now it's electronic and left up online for the world to see all season long; to make folks laugh with picks like '09's Rutgers or '08's Auburn. Even now, in 2010, almost 20 years later, I start out confident, slip-up, re-do and re-re-do, scrap it all and start over, then end up with something close to the first draft. And when it's all said and done, it still ends up based on where I think a team will finish in the final polls. So, it's not an indicator of how I'd actually vote or even what the FTS poll will look like through the season. Is Boise State truly more talented than the teams ranked behind them in other polls? I personally don't think so, but I'll have the Broncos high in my rankings too, their predicted 11-1 a much better accomplishment than LSU's probable 8-4...though I'd take the Tigers head to head...maybe. Maybe not. Maybe it's better too not think too much about it, or else risk admitting how pointless this whole preseason poll thing is.

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