Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dynasty Update: The Fox Era Begins (2-1)

Well, it took a while to adapt to the little changes in control in this year's edition, but the FTS DYnasty has officially started. It actually started last week, but I've been sidetracked with the newest DLC for Fallout: New Vegas, Old World Blues. But, now that the Courier is back in the Mojave, I can focus on NCAA. Another new thing that's taken a little getting used to is using the Online Dynasty feature for a single-player career. The last two seasons, online dynasty has allowed the player to recruit, check stats, and sim his career from any internet connection. It also provides quick headlines, box scores, and in-game highlight pics. It's pretty cool and I imagine it'd be a great tool for a commish of a multi-team league.

Anyway, on with the Screaming Eagles. Hayden Fox's first game at Minnesota State was a toss-up, with the Eagles hosting the Baylor Bears. Fox's pro-style, I-heavy, run-based attack was slow to get to started, but RB John Gaston soon found room out of the backfield. Luther Van Dam's defense held the Bears for most of the game, but two big plays resulted in touchdowns. It took a last-minute drive for the Eagles to go up 24-20 and seal the win.

Backup RB McClain breaks a long run against Baylor.
Week 2 found State on the road at #22 Missouri - Fox's first true test as head coach. The Eagles were heavy underdogs, but fought hard. Despite racking up almost 300 rushing yards, they just couldn't put up enough points, and fell to the over-worked Tigers, 17-14. Week 3 was an early season cruise against Ball State. Two Cardinals TD's make the 31-21 score closer than the game actually was.

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