Tuesday, July 19, 2011

FTS Heisman Hopefuls

 It's hard to truly compile a list of Heisman hopefuls in the preseason, mainly because these players' teams' records are just as important to their trophy chances as their talent does. So, in order to try and get a hand on things, you've got to pull form teams who'll have at the most 2-losses - unless they're just some disgusting and embarrassing on field human-highlight reel (Denard Robinson). But often, those are the guys who get hurt, miss time, and their team struggles in the meantime, lowering the player's stock even further (also Denard Robinson). Taking all that into account, here's a top-ten Heisman hopeful list for 2011. After the top-2, it becomes a pretty QB-heavy list and I cheated at the nine-spot, but wideouts struggle to crack the top tier of Heisman voting these days, so the sooner-state receivers share a nod.

  1. Trent Richardson-RB, Alabama
  2. LaMichael James-RB, Oregon
  3. Case Keenum-QB, Houston
  4. Landry Jones-QB, Oklahoma
  5. Darren Thomas-QB, Oregon
  6. Kellen Moore-QB, Boise State
  7. Andrew Luck-QB, Stanford
  8. Russel Wilson-QB, Wisconsin
  9. Ryan Broyles/Justin Blackmon-WR, Oklahoma/Oklahoma State
  10. Montee Ball-RB, Wisconsin
Wild Card: Denard Robinson-QB, Michigan

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