Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dynasty 2012: Minnesota State Screaming Eagles

With the newest edition of NCAA '12 comes a new FTS dynasty and things'll be little different this season. Instead of the ladder-climbing, legend-making career of Ace Journeyman, this season will be about the program building skills of one Hayden Fox. Does he have what it takes to turn a struggling Minnesota State program into a serious contender and maybe one day hoist the crystal football over his head? I guess we'll find out.

I went back to the first few seasons of Coach to help set up the dynasty and make sure I got some of the details right and made the right selections in Teambuilder. Obviously, I've had to use a little leeway with the continuity and canon, as in the first season of the show Fox is several seasons in and the program's still struggling but I'll have to start with career year one and will only have three seasons to turn things around. The Screaming Eagles will play in the BigTen, which is very different now than it was in 1989 - two teams, a divisional split, and a championship game different to be exact - and, using opponents mentioned in the show, the team plays a lot of Big12 non-conference opponents. However, the program is supposed to be really bad at first, like Eastern Michigan bad. In fact, I used EMU as the roster-prototype for MSU. It was one thing to take EMU against a MAC schedule, it'll be whole different can of worms taking a program that untalented against the big boys week-in and week-out.

Coach Fox

The Specifics:
School: Minnesota State
Mascot: Screaming Eagles
Coach: Hayden Fox
Location: Rochester, MN
Stadium: Lindheim Stadium

The Uniforms:

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