Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Georgia's RB Woes

So, let's recap real quick: Washaun Ealey bailed, Caleb King couldn't get his academic shit together, and now Carlton Thomas is suspended at least one game. What does that mean for the UGA run game against Boise State? Well, now the depth chart looks like this:

1. Isaiah Crowell
2. Richard Samuel now moved back to offense from defense
3. Ken Malcome (who?)
4. An RC car controlled by Bobo from the box
5. Any of the white walk-ons, all dreaming of being the next Brett Millican.
6.Old video highlights of Herschel Walker. They can't actually carry the ball, but damn they look great.
7. Me
8. Do Jasper Sanks or Patrick Pass have any eligibility left?

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