Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dawgs Rocking Pro Combat in the Dome

Georgia will once again try its hand at new/custom unis, donning a Nike pro-combat design for their game against Boise State in the Georgia Dome. Hopefully, this will work out better than the last Blackout, the black helmets against UF in '09, or the bulk of the Donnan black stripe era. One thing that bodes well is that this is NOT some lame motivational tool; it's part of the Nike contract and Boise will also be wearing a pro-combat uni for the game. Want to know what they loo like? Tough. McGarity, who apparently saw and approved the get-ups months ago, has the info on top-secret lock-down. According to McGarity: “The Georgia G is preserved in its rightly spot, the Georgia G is still as prominent as it has always been and is as it always will be. We’re not messing with the ‘G,’ OK? It’s school colors and all that stuff.”

Rumor has it the Dawgs could be in a white or silver helmet with a wide red stripe down the middle. Here is a pic from a message board rumored to be the design - but this has NOT been confirmed. And, chances are, if it's off a mb, it's not the design.

I hope the britches are still silver. Anyway, call me a radical, but I've always pictured an awesome Georgia uniform to look like this:

And, maybe a black jersey once every 109 years. I know, I'm a uniform hypocrite. I love it when other schools break out any type of retro look, color switch, or new design, but I get very superstitious when it comes to Georgia. Also, that shit in Jacksonville a couple years ago was HIDEOUS. Hopefully Nike will have us something better than that this time around.

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