Sunday, July 31, 2011

More Expansion Rumors.

This is up over TeamSpeedKills: Apparently, ESPN doesn't respect Dan Beebe's authority. Despite the conference's stance that the Longhorn Network airing high school football is a no-no, the worldwide leader had signed a contract for two high schools to play a televised game. What all this means is that now the expansion rumors are swirling again, but this time the dance partners may have changed a bit.
"A&M comes to the SEC obviously, though this time Missouri would be its partner. The SEC still wants Oklahoma, but it supposedly doesn't want Oklahoma State. So, the two Oklahoma schools plus Texas Tech (and potentially Baylor) are looking to the Pac-12, while the two Kansas schools are making eyes at the Big East. Iowa State, which goes unmentioned, is presumably SOL."
So now the SEC adds Missouri and A&M and either sits at 14, or looks east for two more new friends to make 16. OU, OKST, and TXTech head west - and if the Pac-12 was smart they'd leave Baylor the hell alone - and could still have a potential spot open for a 16th team. The Big East becomes even more of a powerful Bball behemoth and Iowa St. looks for WAC or MWC invite. Not mentioned here is the B1G. Where do they expand? Who do they want? I see them hitting the Big East and the ACC (Syracuse, Rutgers, Maryland) and making one last run at Notre Dame that will fail, especially with Texas lending credibility to the idea of independence.

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