Wednesday, July 27, 2011

From All Over

  • Northern Illinois' AD wants to play a game at Wrigley Field. The Huskies are playing at Soldier Field in '11 and '12, but are planning beyond that. Hey, maybe they could play Northwestern in the Metro-Are Who Cares Bowl. I kid, I kid. I think it's cool they're trying to incorporate Wrigley, but they honestly do not need to play football there until the safety concerns are addressed and they game can go in both directions without killing someone. Soldier Field is a great alternative. It can host football safely and it keeps the college level of the sport connected to a major, historic city. I mean, without these games in Chicago, 2 of our 3 biggest cities would not host major cfb games.

  • The above story makes me feel like LA takes cfb for granted.

  • Andrew Luck looks like a young Matisyahu with his new beard.

  • All-everything super star QB Gunner Kiel  chose Indiana over Alabama, Georgia, Michigan, and a slew of other top-level programs. He still has his senior year to play at East HS in Columbus, IN, but looks to make an instant impact for the Hoosiers. All this begs the question: WHY CHOOSE INDIANA?! Have they even had a winning season in the last 15 years? I think that new coach has gotten into the inappropriate benefits game; somebody call Dan Wetzel. Actually, the truth is much more boring - his older brother plays for the Hoosiers.
  • Best line from EDSBS this week: "clear eyes, full hearts, can't not finish 7-5." #NCState.
  • It's a shame about Jaylen Rose. I was finally getting used to him being EVERYWHERE at ESPN.
    • Butch Davis has been fired. Earlier this summer, it looked like he might survive. It seemed UNC was doing all they could to assuage any NCAA doubts and clean house while still saving Davis' job. It was like the anti-Tressel treatment; stand by the coach and hope we all come out clean in August. But, in the end, a coach is replaceable and three or four seasons on probation is not. So, Butch gets sweater-vested and everyone in Chapel Hill hopes the investigators go away. In the meantime, don't look for any double-digit win seasons for the Tar Heels anytime soon.
    • Stay tuned for the FTS PreSeason Poll and a couple of 're-thinks' on some of my conference blasts (lokking at you, Texas).

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