Wednesday, July 27, 2011

/rant: Why does everybody like Mike Leach?

Mike Leach was being mentioned around the blog-o-sphere today, mainly due to XM's stirring the pot, and it set of the usual noise in comment sections and message boards. There's always a lot of support for Leach from the masses, and I always wonder why.

The guy's a douche. There. I said it. He also didn't get a "raw deal" or unfair treatment from Texas Tech. Does everyone rally around him simply because his adversaries in the shed-gate fiasco were the James family, arguably the douchiest family in football? I'll agree that Craig James is an ass and his son, from what limited knowledge I have, is a spoiled brat who probably rode his daddy's name to a scholarship. But, does the fact the Jameses are terrible people mean we just give Leach a pass for being a raging ass-hat? He said his biggest regret leaving Tech was not cutting Adam James. I'd agree. If the kid was a brat, a flopper, and shithead - CUT HIM. Period. Don't play Jerry Springer alternative discipline camp and shut him up in a shed. That's ridiculous and unprofessional and, appropriately, cost Leach his job. He fucked up, he paid for it. He shouldn't have been allowed to keep his job just because the kid was also a jerk and his dad was an overbearing dick. I mean, teachers can't hit kids, period. The rule's not based on whether or not the kid's a douchebag.

I'm bringing up all this old pirate news in light of the outrage coming out of Leach's camp today that he was not given credentials for Big-12 Media Days. He's upset and all the little Leach-o-philes out here are indignant that their favorite "bad boy" got the shaft. Why? He's not part of the Big-12 anymore - they don't have to give him media credentials just because you don't like helicopter parents and bratty kids. He doesn't coach Texas Tech anymore and he was going to show up on that day. That's douchey. If I was the Big-12, I wouldn't want him anywhere near my conferences -he's a goddamn embarrassment.

And, once more for the record, I think Craig James is an embarrassment, too. That's my point: everyone involved in this mess two years ago was a giant, yeast-covered, saline-dripping douche - why do we have to cheer for anyone? I say let the pirate-king go down with his ship, with the anchor tied around Senator Texas exceptionalism himself and his no-account loser kid.


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  1. Your argument would have validity if coach Leach actually did lock Adam James in a shed, but he never did such a thing. Adam James admitted he lied about it in a court deposition. That's why people back coach Leach. Because the entire allegation was a fabricated lie.