Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weekly Picks


Pitt 23, SoFla 22 - UPSET ALERT! I've heard Thursday night described as the place ranked teams go to die. I'm afraid this could hold true tonight in Steel Town. Truly, there's no reason the Panthers should be able to pull this one out, but it's almost October and it's a weeknight game: weird - shit - happens.

Houston 45, UTEP 19 - Case and the Cougs roll. I wouldn't normally have picked this game at all, but, hey, fuck it, there's not a lot to choose from on a Thursday night.


BYU 40, Utah State 31 - Put the Cougars on UPSET ALERT, but still pick them to pull it out. The Aggies have had two close losses and would love to close out an FBS opponent, but I think BYU feels they've got something left to prove and would love to do that tomorrow night in Provo.


Arkansas 38, Texas A&M 30 - I'd love to see the Aggies win, but I don't see it happening. That one point loss to OKSt took a lot out of A&M and it might be hard to get back up for the showdown in Arlington. The Razorbacks on the other hand just got pissed off by that embarrassment against Alabama last week and will be wanting to take their frustration out on the nearest target.

LSU 44, Kentucky 12 - Cake walk. Which is just when the grass is pulled out from under you, ay, Les?

Boise State 47, Nevada 21 - Boise State remembers last season. That OT loss kept them from a BCS bowl - and possibly the BCS Championship - and Kellen and Co. would love to stomp a mud hole in the 'Pack as pay back. Look for the Broncos to be amped up at home on the blue turf, too.

Auburn 31, South Carolina 30 - UPSET ALERT. Both of these teams have been a little down so far this year. Despite their 4-0 mark, the Gamecocks have looked like a mediocre team at times. Especially disappointing has been pre-season darling Stephen Garcia, whose 3/7 ration makes me think even Auburn's "Roof on fire" defense could stop him. Melvin Ingram will have another TD, somehow, but the Tigers will convert a fake punt somewhere to make up the difference. This one should have all the crazy you can handle.

Virginia Tech 27, Clemson 26 - It's time now, Dabo. Everyone knows it; you, me, the Hokies. It's been fun and all, beating Auburn and Florida State, but Bud Foster has the narrative for the rest of your season folded up neatly in his lunch pail.

Alabama 24, Florida 13 - Florida looks like the best team in the SEC East right now. Maybe not so much after Saturday. This one's for Will "Fan Boy" Muschamp: No match for Saban are Muschamp and Weis; suffocated by the Tide D will they be. There is no try; do ro do not. And the Gators will not.

Wisconsin 27, Nebraska 17 - Russell Wilson, his 2,000 pound line and his two thousand yard backs are tired of hearing how overrated they are. Nebraska is a good team, but anything coached by Bo Pelini and QB'd by Tyler Martinez seems like it's one bad play from full on dumpster fire. The Blackshirts will do the best job of containment we've seen all season, but it won't be enough. E'ry day we Russell'n!

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