Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Heisman...so far, and in no particular order

Tim Tebow - His is a greatness of intangibles, hard to measure statistically, except for overall record. His character is unquestionable, as is his leadership, and watching him play gets even my fat ass ready to suit up. While mediocre against LSU, he had good numbers in the squeaker against Arkansas. When you think 'Greatest Player' he's what comes to mind, and it's not his fault the media loves him, so grow up, but if you do need numbers, check his efficiency and rushing yards.

Ndomukong Suh (spell check that, mofo) - Holy Crap, this kid's a beast! Once again, if it's stats you're looking for, he doesn't have them..and you're probably not very football savvy anyway. Suh doesn't have to rack up tackles to change the pace of a game, just watch the opponent's offensive line. They'll double, contort, bend and break against this, the best DL, if not best overall defensive player, in the nation. So, Texas Tech beat the Huskers last week, huh? Well, Suh can't be everywhere.

Mark Ingram - I know what you're thinking: an Alabama player for Heisman? Yes. Ingram's hit 900+ yards already this season, and that includes games against 2 cupcakes where he only carried the ball 18 times...combined. He is the wrecking ball that the Tide rolled behind last weekend, hitting the Cocks for 246, and that's on the heels of b-2-b 140+ yard games. Throw in 8 TD's and look past the Arkansas game and you'll see this candidacy is for real.

Colt McCoy - Um...I guess this is mainly because I thought so highly of him earlier this year. He's been more pick-happy this season, already throwing 7 (compared to last season's 8 INT's overall), and he looked, well, average, against Oklahoma. Now, everybody get's their worst game dropped, apparently, and I do like his athleticism, gutsy play, and overall leadership. But, in comparison to some other QB's out there, he lacks intensity. All that considered, though, he's still easily one of the best players in the nation...just not THE best.

For the Wild-Card, how about...

...true-freshman Dion Lewis - If I can overlook the Arkansas game for Ingram, I have to overlook the Navy game for Lewis. Like Ingram, D.L. has 900+ yards and acts as pace-setter for his team. In trying to eat up the clock last Friday, Pitt called Lewis' number throughout the fourth, and he delivered, breaking Rutgers' back en route to a 180 yard performance. While he didn't find the endzone in b-2-b games, it's his freshman-ness that appeals to me, evoking memories of Herschel in '80...he's just not as dominant.

Also-Rans: I guess all those QB's piled up at the bottom of everyone else's ballots: Clausen, Keenum, Pike, Harris, Moore, LeFevour, Reesing, Forcier, Hall, Taylor, Sleepy, Grumpy, Optimus Prime and Edmond Dantes...oh yeah, and Samuel Tilden.


  1. I'm glad you posted this, because I don't even KNOW who I would put in the front-running. I don't really think Tebow's having a Heisman year (same with Colt McCoy), but I'm also not so familiar with the other folks that I could make an argument. Good post.

  2. But you forgot Herschel Walker for Heisman. What kind of blogger are you, if you don't put him in the running? :)