Friday, October 30, 2009

Things from all over to kick off the Halloweekend!

1. First, the Cocktail Party: Too many people have been discussiing how Georgia could win this game. That amount of confidence from the pundits makes me very nervous...

2. Tatum Bell thinks his UFL Florida Tuskers could beat the Buccaneers. This idiocy is not that far removed from the infamous 2001-era argument of the Miami Hurricanes beating the Bengals. Yes, the Bengals of then and the Bucs of now are terrible, but they're still NFL teams! But, college teams and squads of rejects and hasbeens* are unarguably inferior. How do we know? If all the players were equal to their NFL level opponents, they'd be in the fucking NFL! Now, a Bucs-Tuskers game might not be the 103-0 shellacking that the Bengals could have unleashed on the Canes in '01, but it'd be pretty close...

3. Here's a topic I thought I'd never cover here: Miley Cyrus. But, she needs to get her ass back on Twitter (or have some lackey do it for her) and save this cat.

4. Mike Leach hates your fat little girlfriend.

Face it, coach, it's not the fat little girlfriends, it's you. Your system is good enough to rack up yards and points and compete - sometimes - with the big guys, but the tempo keeps your D on the field too long and even Texas A&M can take advantage of that.

5. Speaking of the Big-XII, that North division is getting very ACC-ish. Nebraska has 8 turnovers and loses to Iowa State? Kansas lost to Colorado? And, while we're at it, what the fuck's with the ACC? DO they have to play "fuck it, let's all be 5-3 or 3-5" every season? UNC's late FG knocked off the VA Tech Hokies last night and made this entire league more frustrating to pick.

6. Lastly, I'd like to extend an official FTS welcome to Aroo, the new guy who propped that ESPN-caliber World Series breakdown on us earlier this week. Well done, cheers, and we're looking forward to more posts as the series wears on.

* The word "hasbeens" came up as needing to be spell checked. One of the options? Shebeens. Yep, shebeens. I Googled it and guess what, it's not a slang, plural form of clitoris. It's apparently the same as a 20's-era speakeasy, an illegal bar selling excisable alcohol or operating without a license. I liked mine better.

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