Monday, October 19, 2009


OK - I'm doing the top-25 interspersed with commentary on Saturday.

First off, as the day/night wore on, it felt like everyone was losing. As it turns out, it only felt that way to me because I put too much faith in the Big-XII North. Nebraska and Mizzou both laid turds against South foes and Kansas decided to get its first loss against a very bad Colorado team. That said, Nebraska is still the team to beat in the North and statistically, the D did a pretty good job containing the wild fire that is the Red Raider O.

Second, for all the Georgia fans: It was Vandy.

The Big 3

1. Alabama - They almost play with NFL method and efficiency.

2. Texas - the 'horns get the nod over the Gators this week.

3. Florida

The Gators looked beatable on Saturday. But, they looked beatable after they lost to Ole Miss last year, too. The defense is still the best in the nation, at least according to the stat line, but the offense needs a wake-up call. Maybe Mullen was the man after all...

Sub-topic: Why does Charlie Strong still not have a head coaching job? Some friends of mine think it's ridiculous to think there are socio-racial undertones to it, but I'm not that optimistic. People are still kind of old-fashioned and fucked up. But, white-wife be damned, if his numbers continue, it should be enough to blind even the most color-sensitive eye.

4. USC - I know: They lost to Washington. I've heard that one, before. But, do you really think they couldn't beat the other teams in the nation on any given Saturday? If so, you're clueless.

5. Cincy - On the merit of being undefeated and beating USF on the road. That, and the 75-yard QB draw.

6. Boise State - Good win over Oregon and...I guess that's it. At least Cincy plays in a BCS conference.

7. TCU - They play tough, fundamental football; that goes a long way with me. See #1.

8. Iowa - One more sloppy win and they default into the top-5.

9. LSU

10. Miami

11. Oregon

I honestly though VA Tech had surpassed the ACC attitude of "Let's not win this week, because Fuck It, being 5-3 is awesome" but alas, no, they found their way back into the fold with a loss at Georgia Tech. So, based on record, VA Tech's past win quality, and GT's record, I give you:

12. Georgia Tech

13. VA Tech

How long this lasts, I don't know. Charlottesville is like kryptonite to the Bees and with Al Groh at the helm, UVa can beat, or lose to, anybody. If GA Tech goes down and VA Tech wins out, the Hokies will climb back past the Jackets. God, the Coastal Division is a mess.

14. Houston - Yes, Houston. I know they lost to UTEP, but they beat OK St. and Texas Tech, which now looks even more impressive.

15. Oklahoma State - This is by benefit of how highly I thought of the Big-XII North before this weekend.

16. Penn State - I thought Minnesota was gonna be scrappy this year and the Nits shut them out. And, the better Iowa gets, the better State looks.

17. Ohio State - It's a long way down, but I wanted to make sure they were behind PSU this week. Will this last? No. I think the Bucks bounce back from the upset and win least until they host Iowa.

18. Texas Tech

19. Nebraska

20. South Carolina - Why drop that much by playing a tough, physical game against the best team in the land?

Do the last 5 spots really matter? Not really. So, in that spirit, here goes 21-25, in no particular order:

BYU, Notre Dame, Ole Miss, Utah, and...

IDAHO - I do not really think that the Vandals are the 25th best team, but when will I get another chance to rank them? Probably never, because they'll lose to Nevada this weekend.

At the Gates:

Kansas is still a good football team who only has one loss. Oklahoma might be a better team with 3.

The Big East is a mash up of mediocrity waiting to dry up or push through and be ranked. So, you take your pick of the following: Pitt, WVU, and a still-tough, 1-loss SoFla.

Arizona - The 'Cats have lost only to Iowa and the bad penny of the PAC-10, Washington. I'm keeping my eye on them...

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