Friday, October 23, 2009

Weekly Picks - Late Edition

Well, I missed picking last night's ACC Disappointment Duel, but never fear, I'll at least make sure you get few picks for tomorrow. And, no, I won't be picking Army-Rutgers tonight.

Last Week: 7-4; Season: 29-14

Pitt 26, SoFla 23 - The Bulls are going to make it a game, but their D rests on a strong pass rush. And, if things according to plan, Pitt proabably won't need to pass that much, riding Lewis all the way. Selvie and Pierre-Paul are athletic enough to adapt, but that won't quite enough to get the win.

Michigan 29, Penn St. 23 - I don't know why, but I like the upset here. I see State getting stuck in some unwinnable spots and RichRod's offense doing just enough, using both QB's to take pressure of the recovering Forcier.

Ohio State 24, Minnesota 17 - A clean, conservative, gentlemanly affair all around. No odd scoring, no big plays, a great afternoon-nap game.

Iowa 23, Michigan State 20 - I honestly like Sparty to ruin the Hawkeyes' run, but I said I wasn't picking against Iowa until they lost and I meant it.

TCU 21, BYU 20 - It won't be as dominant as last year, mainly because BYU's a bit more balance and the game's in Provo. But, in the end, I'll take the Frogs, even on the road.

Alabama 27, Tennessee 9 - Just another road apple for the Soviet War machine.

Florida 29, Mississippi State 16 - If the Gators had not just had a close call with Arkansas, I'd call the upset here.

LSU 22, Auburn 19 - Auburn has enough talent to win this game, but I have a feeling that LSU will be strong enough to set the tempo and contain Malzahn's offense. The Hat wins a close one.

Texas 31, Mizzou 20 - McCoy rebounds from last week and has a lights out day against the Tigers.

Washington 30, Oregon 26 - The Ducks' lucky streak has to end sometime and Jake Locker is the man to do it. I bet Sarkisian is loving being a double digit dog and has the Huskies ready.


BTW, here's a bonus UPSET ALERT for the weekend: I'm not saying that the Tigers are going to win, but Miami better be awake and aware for this Clemson game. Miami's more talented, but this is setting up as a good spot to trap the 'Canes.

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  1. I can't believe the spread is so high on the OSU game. I do not see the Buckeyes pulling that one out by a large margin (16 points, right?) Otherwise, I'm right there with you. I'm nervous about Pitt (and now Miami, since you mentioned it), but I'm hoping I'll be all right this weekend.