Friday, October 30, 2009

Series tied 1-1; To Philly we go!

After two games, the old adage holds true: pitching wins ball games. Although the Yankees and Phillies entered the World Series with the best hitting teams in the major leagues in terms of both regular season homeruns and postseason RBI's, the spectacular pitching has been the story thus far.

CC Sabathia and Pedro Martinez both pitched fantastically for their ballclubs, garnering quality starts, but both made exactly two mistakes that cost them the ball game. On the other hand, Cliff Lee was magical baffling the Bronx Bombers for a complete game victory in what should have been only their 3rd home shutout in World Series history (Rollins made a booboo in the 9th). His curveball danced wickedly and the fastball bit every corner. Not to be outdone, AJ Burnett stepped up in game two to answer his demons and delivered a masterpiece while making Ryan Howard look silly three times on backdoor curveballs.

With the exception of Chase Utley and Derek Jeter, the rest of the hitters have looked downright silly. No further details are needed after you read that after 105 possible outs (the Yanks didnt bat in the ninth last night), 40 were by strikeout. The pitching may be fantastic, but the hitting is pathetic. Futility awards go to AROD (6 K's) and Howard (6 K's). Aren't these guys supposed to be all-world? I'm not saying that you don't ever have an off night, but Arod has had only 4 hat tricks this year, with two of them being the past two nights. I wonder if Kate Hudson is holding out on him until the playoffs are over? I'd be pissed too.

Last point of note- bullpens. The Yankees have looked shaky; well at least in game one. Rivera is lights out as always, but Girardi should be careful as he has already pitched 12 innings this postseason(11 games). He only pitcher 66 innings(162 games) all season. Don't want another heroic Luis Gonzalez type hit off a burnt out Sandman come game 7. Madson and Eyre looked sharp last night for the Phils, but I still look forward to Brad Lidge's first outing!

PS. That play in the 7th last night where Damon and Posada got doubled up by Ryan Howard was crap. Howard knew he didn't catch that ball, otherwise why would he have thrown it to 2nd base instead of just tagging 1st himself? It didn't change the game so who cares?! I do dammit.

Saturday: Game 3
Andy Pettite vs. Cole Hamels (I'll be wearing my #46 jersey- Go Yanks)

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