Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Morning QB - FIX IT! Edition

No longer should those calling for a new DC at Georgia be considered the reactionary, lunatic fringe. There are WAY too many problems with that unit that can be directly attributed to coaching. I've said it before and I'll say it again, tackling is the most basic thing you can teach a football player and our guys just cannot do it. I mean, it's the most basic tenant of the game: 'Tackle the man with the ball.' We have loads of talent, but there's never any true development or discipline and we've statistically gotten worse and worse with each passing season; yesterday was just another episode. CWM got out-schemed and never adjusted until the half, and even then he adjusted poorly. To stop the roll-out, he brought outside pressure without covering the receiver on that side. To solve the problem, we dropped two guys back, but left the deep man WIDE open for a TD. Jonathan Crompton looked like a Heisman candidate in that game and I think we all know that couldn't be further from the ruth.

Now, all the blame cannot be placed on the D. The offense was horrid yesterday, managing a measly 3 points on questionable play-call after questionable play-call. But, we've seen enough flashes of offensive output this year, that I think some reassessment, and refocusing, could begin to take that unit in the right direction. At least Special Teams showed up - mostly - and kept us in it early. I'd still like to see more discipline there, too, and some type of actual Punt-return scheme.

It really makes one wonder where this program is actually headed. I think Clay Travis summed it up nicely:

"I'm not sure where Kiffin is headed, but he's got his signature win in 2009. As for Richt, in 2001, he brought a hobnailed boot with him to Neyland Stadium. In 2009, he brought Willie Martinez.

And that made all the difference."

Well said. All-in-all, this team is loaded with potential but fails in almost every facet of the game. And that means coaching. So, if we can all see that, then we need to...

...FIX IT!! (skip to 2:21 mark) !!


  1. FIX IT!

    Sadly, I hate when the lunatic fringe borders on being right. I watched the UT game in a state of shock I hadn't experienced since, well, last year in Jacksonville and in Athens for the Georgia Tech game.

    Willie Martinez is like our Donald Rumsfeld. Coach Richt is in a state of denial.

  2. totally agreed. im not a bandwagon fuck (even though i've heard that my father is one). but the defense these past few years is going in the wrong direction.

    and you hit the nail on the head, joaj. we can't tackle, we have a hard time adjusting, just some basic FUNDAMENTAL football that we can't seem to get right. time to take a step back and FIX IT! not sure that means firing martinez, but we need to do something. this season means we are losing recruits like crazy.

    now the offense, i think is fine. joe cox needs to make better throws, stop turning it over, and play every down like those last few minutes in the LSU game. the play-calling is a little suspect, and i think bobo was spoiled these past few years with stafford, moreno, massaqoui, aj, etc. now he just has aj, and not really any play-makers beyond that. so he needs to play within the team that he has.

    that is all.

  3. Fact: The offense is OK. Monte made his living destroying pro-style offenses and we played right into their teeth. If we stay confident, we'll rebound on that side of the ball.

    Fact: It is time to seriously reevaluate WM's performance here. Recruiting and statistical achievement have never been so divergent.

    Fact: KTL's dad is a bandwagon fuck.