Saturday, October 10, 2009

Quick break from Football before Kickoff

First off, I had a blast in JINX-sylvania last night, thanks guys! We hit up some wings, cruised up to Decatur and chilled at the Brickstore and Twain's before calling it a night. The only downside was actually being in Conyers..."Conyers, GA: Where nothing's out of your league!"

Second, there are some very conservative folks out there who, despite what they say about loving our nation and it's Constitution, are actively working to establish a theocracy here. And that wack-job shit's scarier than any socialist program we're debating right now. You want to talk about personal choice and freedom? It all goes out the window when you start basing government on religion.

I mean, look at this: McNaughton Fine Art's partisan affirmation of "one nation under god" is terrifying. And, honestly, why would you want to see white Jesus when you could have this: ONE NATION UNDER CTHULHU - all praise the Old Ones!

If you're too lazy to follow the links, click below to enlarge:


UPDATE: Oh yeah, and if you don't know who/what Cthulhu is, PICK UP A FUCKING BOOK!

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