Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Morning QB

I was kind of out of it for the most part yesterday, but from what I saw, heard, remembered and got caught up with on ESPN, here's what's jumped out at me:

What does LSU's win over Georgia actually prove? Well, pretty much nothing. They struggled again with a VERY mediocre opponent. I do think they are a good team, but we haven't seen it yet. There's not a bigger stage to prove themselves on than next week against Florida.

Speaking of Georgia, how bad are they? Talent wise, the Dawgs are on par with anyone else in the nation. But, they have no discipline or team identity. They did clean up the turnovers, but key penalties and poor tackling sealed their fate. How many more games will they lose? Honestly, and I hate to be this guy, but I think it's coaching. Martinez and Bobo need to focus and if they can't, then we need to re-assess our staff a bit.

I think the 'T' in TCU stands for TOUGH. Freshman Tanner Brock made a crushing block to spring Jeremy Kerley's punt return for a TD...and he did without his helmet.

UTEP upset Houston. And that's all it was: an upset. I'm fine with it shutting the door to the BCS for the Cougs, but it shouldn't drop them from the polls. They're still a good enough team to be third in the Big 12 South as noted by wins over OSU and TT and they just got a big head and let the Miners creep up on them. If they lose more games, it's probably because they're bored playing a C-USA schedule after all the big time non-conf. games.

No, Lou Holtz, Jimmy Clausen is not the leading Heisman candidate. I'd debate he's not even a candidate at all, as there are QB's across the country with better numbers, they just don't play for Notre Dame.

I was wrong about Cal. They've now been held to 3 points in back-to-back blowouts and are 0-2 in the PAC-10. I was also wrong about Oregon, apparently, as the Ducks have rebounded from early disappointments behind the development of Masoli. Halloween is huge for this conference, as the Trojans come to Autzen Stadium for a BIG showdown.

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  1. can we start a conversation about AJ for Heisman?

    and i agree about a call for a second look at our defensive coordinator, and maybe richt needs to step in and start calling some shots on offense.