Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Morning QB - Part 2

Florida and Alabama are probably the best one-two punch defensively that a conference has ever had. Combined, they held their opponents to 6 points yesterday and looked smothering and oppressive. So much so that it doesn't really take a great deal of offensive production to earn wins, just efficiency, which these two well-coached teams have in spades.

Sidenote: Why do so many people hate Tim Tebow?

By comparison, Texas seems to be a clear number three. They constantly allow weak teams to hang around before clamping down and pulling out the win. And now their top-2 running backs are out, which means McCoy and Shipley are going to have to carry pretty much all the load.

LSU lost to #1, USC lost an unranked U-dub team and USC is still ranked higher than LSU. And, you know what, I agree with it! People, especially the local SEC-philes around here, are rabid about this. But to me, LSU is right where they deserve to be. I didn't think they should have been #4 to begin with, but I do think that USC is a top-5 team. I know, I know, sacrilage, huh? Me and Colin Cowherd can go fuck ourselves, yadda, yadda, yadda. Grow up.

Houston has now beaten 2 Big-12 and 1 SEC team. That's an impressive non-conf run for a mid-major. Now, the AP has allowed the Cougs back into the top-25. So, my question is: Why did you un-rank them last week? Is there no foresight to your voting?

I cannot get a handle on this Iowa team. They are undefeated, but they play so un-impressively. I keep waiting for the Kirk Ferentz nose-dive, but they keep on side stpping the curse and winning, albeit in a very sloppy manner. And I guess that's their strength. They force everyone to play their unorganized, crap-shoot game and only they can survive 4 quarters of that.

TCU barely beat Air Force last night. I wondered when the doldrums of that MWC schedule would start to take hold.

If Cincinnati beats USF next week, will they go unbeaten? And if they do, will they skip over 1-loss teams from the Big-XII and SEC? I smell split-title...

Stay tuned for the Top-25.

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