Friday, October 9, 2009

Weekly Picks

I'm off to JINX-sylvania* tonight, so the picks will be quick-and-dirty!

VA Tech 24, BC 16 - Don't sleep on BC! That said, I don't think the Hokies are.

Auburn 38, Arkansas 34 - That Tiger O is clicking, but the Hawgs are explosive on that side, too. I look for fireworks, but Auburn pulling out late.

Bama 31, Ole Miss 20 - Bama rolls on. BTW, the royal Snead is the 3rd least efficient QB in the SEC. Where's your Heisman talk now, idiots?

Ohio State 27, Wisconsin 16 - I don't have a lot of faith in Wisky.

Florida 31, LSU 27 - I'm banking on Tebow playing. If he doesn't, the Gators could still be too much.

GA Tech 28, FSU 24 - Of all the picks, this is the one I hate the most. There's such a large part of me that wants to pick the 'Noles because this is a cluster-fuck ACC game. But, when I typed FSU 27, GT 21 it just looked too stupid to keep.

Michigan 19, Iowa 17 - The Hawkeyes will force the Wolverines to play Iowa-ball, but UM should still pull it out.


* Conyers...don't ask.

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