Thursday, October 15, 2009

Weekly Picks

Here come the weekly picks. As usual, I chose the ten most interesting match-ups involving the highest ranked teams. I am going to go ahead and admit that I will, at best, go 3-7 this week. There are many a close call mixed in here and I'm afraid the Big-XII will be my undoing, as I've put my faith in the North.

Thursday Night:

Cincy 30, SoFla 28 - I'd like to take the Bulls at home, but the 'Cats are rolling offensively and I like them in a squeaker. It should be a lot of fun either way, though.

Bonus Pick - Friday Night:

Rutgers 28, Pitt 23 - This one doesn't count for or against, but since it's the only Friday night game, I figure I'd throw it in for free. I said Rutgers could easily be 12-0 or 11-1 at season's end and their first game against Cincy made me look stupid. But, the Knights have quietly won them all since and a win here could push them further up the standings.


RRR: Texas 31, Oklahoma 30 - I want to pick the Sooners, but I'm scared that the upset would bite me in the ass. I know Texas will likely be down both RB's and could likely lose, but I don't know if it'll be enough.

Iowa 29, Wisconsin 27 - I'm done picking against the Hawkeyes; they play ugly, but are still winning. When they finally do get Ferentz'ed, I guess I will too.

SoCal 38, Notre Dame 23 - I'd like to call a huge blowout for the Trojans, but the Irish are more competent than that. It might be close, even late in the third, but SC will pull away.

Florida 36, Arkansas 16 - I might be being too generous to Arkansas here. 'Bama held them to 7 and the Gators' D is still ahead of the Tide statistically.

Penn St. 24, Minnesota 21 - I was leaning towards taking the Gophers to make the Lions misery complete, but Royster could do a mean Jahvid Best imitation to lead PSU to a win.

VA Tech 31, GA Tech 27 - This is risky. ACC teams love to screw the logical pick so they can all finish 5-3 or 4-4.

Nebraska 28, Texas Tech 27 - C'mon Huskers...don't let me down now. If Suh and Co. can limit big plays by the Raiders, the Husker O could do just enough to win.

'Bama 26, SoCar 13 - Slow and steady...I love to watch 'Bama dissect an opponent with mean, focused, disciplined football.

Mizz 27, OK St. 26 - I'm picking a B12 North double with this one. I'm hoping the drama surorunding recently deposed WR Bryant will be enough to trip up the Pokes. I doubt it will, but you have to take chances somewhere...

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