Tuesday, January 11, 2011

FTS Final Rankings

Here it is, the final poll for the 2010 season. I do have the fairly standard top-3: Auburn, TCU, Oregon. But, I almost put the Ducks over the Frogs, despite the fact that TCU was undefeated. See, it truly felt like last night's game was between the two best teams in the country; just because someone had to lose shouldn't automatically mean that that team drops below the next team on the list. But, in the end, I did the PC thing and gave the TCU the 2 slot. Stanford comes in at number 4 after their dominant bowl win, followed by Wisconsin, who, if we believe that TCU is #2, should not drop for their squeaker loss in the Rose Bowl. Also, the Badgers have the head-to-head over Ohio State, which is why I've got the Bucks at 6. Beyond that, it's a hot mess. I have Alabama and Mississippi State higher than most folks and Boise State and Nevada lower. I also snuck SDSU back in at #25. What can I say? I like Brady Hoke.

  1. Auburn
  2. TCU
  3. Oregon
  4. Stanford
  5. Wisconsin
  6. Ohio State
  7. LSU
  8. Alabama
  9. Oklahoma
  10. Oklahoma State
  11. Arkansas
  12. Mississippi State
  13. Boise State
  14. Virginia Tech
  15. Florida State
  16. Michigan State
  17. Nevada
  18. Nebraska
  19. Missouri
  20. Texas A&M
  21. South Carolina
  22. NC State
  23. UCF
  24. Tulsa
  25. San Diego State
While we're at it, let's take a shot at some top teams for next season. I know it's way too early, but it'll be fun. TCU and Wisky lose too much talent and Stanford loses their championship-caliber coach, while some programs, like Ohio State and LSU, will somehow manage to hover around the top-ten no matter what their players - or coaches - do. Boise State should cruise without any real test (including hapless "big boy", Georgia) and very well could be undefeated at season's end. In the Big-XII (what are they gonna call it?), Texas will still be off, but traditional power OU will be strong, and watch A&M to fill the gap left by the 'Horns. I see the ACC re-surging, with their two best teams having great years and, yes, I know, Arkansas makes three  teams from the SEC West, but they did it this year and the East should probably suck again, so I'm calling it for 2011, too. I know Mallet's gone, but Wilson's more than capable and will click with Petrino's system. Also, keep in mind, it's January 11th.
  1. Alabama
  2. Oregon
  3. Oklahoma
  4. Boise State
  5. Ohio State
  6. LSU
  7. Florida State
  8. Texas A&M
  9. Virginia Tech
  10. Arkansas

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