Monday, January 31, 2011

Time for the Newtons to Grow Up.

Cam Newton has scheduled a media only work out next week - well, I'm sure Cecil Newton actually scheduled it - but to what end? There are combines still to go and technically those combines are the only workouts NFL scouts can attend. It's already been cast off as a simple "publicity stunt" by some front offices across the league, as one scout put it:
"The Newtons would be best to realize they aren't in college anymore. Regardless of how good he looks for [the media], there isn't going to be a bidding war for him. We're not recruiting him. They could wind up turning more people against them than for them with this [workout]."
But, let's be serious. This kid, his jackass dad, and their overplayed shennanigans ought to attract the likes of Jerry Jones or Al Davis. Unless he blows it, struggling in the workout or failing to convince those still concerned about his NFL-readiness. Newton's folks are claiming this stunt is to try and separate Cam from the likes of Vince Young and Jamarcus Russell, but it seems more about attention and vanity. And maybe that's not fair. Hardly anyone begrudged Tim Tebow for working prior to last year's combine (however, Tebow did not go this far)...but reputation's a motherfucker and, fair or not, Cam Newton just doesn't have Tim Tebow's standing.

I hope he fails miserably now. And that's not any type of anti-Auburn, Georgia homer-ism. I just hate this kind of shit. I thought the same thing when David "the Bulldog white people are comfortable loving" Pollack started acting like such a douche when he went to the pros. Of course, I'm not pulling for 'almost-paralyzation'; that was an unfortunate coincidence then and would be now. I just want an ego check...and maybe for Cam to get out from under his sleaze-bag dad and become his own man. It's like Vince and his dad on this season on Friday Night Lights. I'm always pulling for Vince, but if he'd of kept following his pops, then fuck him.

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