Tuesday, January 4, 2011

RichRod Out. Harbaugh...?

Final Update:Now it's official, Richard Rodriguez is out at Michigan and there's still BIG doubts about Harbaugh to Ann Arbor. Supposedly, Harbaugh's meeting with the 49'ers tomorrow.
UPDATE: Not so fast: UM AD has made no "official statement", yet; the deciding meeting will be tomorrow.
I think we all knew that it was only a matter of time. I wonder how much of this termination has to do with this:

The question is, will Harbaugh go home? Or, like countless others before him, will he be lured by the siren song of the challenge of the NFL? I'd personally love to see him in Athens, GA.
UPDATE: Honestly, I doubt Harbaugh's going to Ann Arbor. However, Brady Hoke would be a good fit for Big Blue. Harbaugh will be in Denver next year, lured to the pros by John Elway...you saw it starting last night. Another question: What big time program takes another chance on George O'Leary? Winning is louder than lying, and an 11-win season and a bowl win over the SEC drowns out anything he wrote on his resume back in 2001.
UPDATE 2: RichRod to Clemson or Pitt?


  1. you're ready to throw richt out?

  2. The best I can give Richt right now is what he gave us on NYE: apathy. I do not necessarily want to shit can him, but Harbaugh's a damn fine coach and I'd hate to miss him if we had a shot(which I do not think we do). I'd also love to see Nick Saban here. That doesn't mean I'm anti-Richt, I just know Saban's a better coach. Best case scenario, though: Richt turns it around next season and gets us back to the '02-'05 run. That, or Ace Journeyman comes home.

  3. I agree with that logic. I will still hold out hope to see Ace coaching in Sanford one day.

  4. OK, let's say - for whatever reason - Richt just wasn't here, who would you want? Top 3, go.

  5. Top 3

    1. Jon Gruden
    2. John Fox
    3. June Jones ( he misses Georgia )
    3.1 Ace Journeyman

  6. That's an NFL heavy list. If I was bringing a coach to Athens, I think I'd still want Saban, then maybe take Harbaugh, and third, Kirby Smart.

  7. It is NFL heavy, I know it much better!

    I really just went for more random guys than anything.

    I really don't see UGA ever getting a huge name coach, doesn't seem to be our style!

    I do like Gruden and Fox - Jones was kind of a joke ...