Friday, January 14, 2011

LTDx Picks: NFL Playoffs Week 2

Week 2 NFL Playoff Picks

After going 2-2 on the site ( and 1-3 at the Sports Book ) I have come back for ROUND 2 ! I am staying away from the Sports Book this week and sticking to the site … now watch me go 4-0!

Bears vs Seahawks

Boom where did them Seahawks come from? My boy PETE has this team playing out of their minds! Can they bring the magic to Chi-Town? I say YES! I am seeing the Seahawks win over the Bears in a very tight game. Jay Cutler will throw this game away late and the HAWKS will be playing for the NFC Championship!

Seahawks 31 – Bears 27

Jets vs Patriots

The Jets won in dramatic fashion last week in Indy, but let’s be real here … that is the worst Indy team we have seen on the field since Jim Mora was coaching ( PLAYOFFS?! ). The Jets have done a lot of talking this weekend and Wes Welker apparently has a foot fetish too ( but in the end it WILL come down to a FOOT to win the game! My favorite Welker drop was calling someone a good Foot Solider! Ha! Brady will have a great game, Sanchez will look bad early and try to lead a comeback. Pats win in the end by a FG.

Pats 27 Jets 24

Ravens vs Steelers

This game will be a blood bath! I fully expect this to be a great game. Hines Ward vs Ray Lewis is always fun to watch, these guys could be 2 of the toughest guys in football. The Ravens have a chance in this game BUT they have to strike early. Can this just end in a tie?!? I am going to take the Steelers in another very close game. This is the game I am most excited to watch. Love both teams, coaches and QB’s.

Steelers 31 Ravens 30

And last but not least ….

Packers vs Falcons

Falcons win …

Ok I have more to say than that! This is going to be an interesting game. Another battle of 2 great young QB’s, Aaron Rogers and Matt Ryan. My prediction in this game is this : If the Falcons ( Michael Turner ) run the ball with success they will win! If the Packers run the ball like they did in Philly, Atlanta will be in trouble.

I am hoping Atlanta establishes the run early, hits a few big passes and gets off to a big start. This will be key for us to win this game.

Falcons 35 – Packers 30



  1. bold seahawks call. and i like it!

    but come on, pats by 3?! they're gonna kill em by at least 14.

    i like the steelers call, probably more like 4-5 pt win, though. and lower scoring.

    and i see the falcons winning by eleventy billion.

  2. I agree with the Seattle, New England, and Atlanta picks, but I think the Ravens will beat the Steelers by 10. It will be a retribution win for the tough loss the Ravens suffered at home to the Steelers in week 13.

  3. My problem with picking games is that I want them to all crush the over, so they are more fun for me to watch! This is why I could never seriously blog about sports! ha!

    I think Big Ben is a big game QB, going Steelers!

  4. Don't look now, but you're seriously blogging about sports.

  5. Very true Johnny & I need to embrace it! Go Falcons!