Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ray Drew: Rallying the "Dream Team"

The recruiting class that Georgia is putting together is being labeled as a "Dream Team" across message boards and newspaper headlines. And, while I think using that term is ridiculous and lame, it seems to be having the true desired effect, luring players. Todd Grantham has made it clear he believes he can build a top-quality defense from in-state, or at least near by, talent and it's shown on the recruiting trail. With the signing of Ray Drew, things have really begun to click for TG, not just because he landed a great replacement for Justin Houston, but because Drew has taken up the Dream Team concept as a rallying cry:

“I just want to say to Jay at the end of his announcement, I heard your call...and now I’ve given an answer. Isaiah Crowell, we’re waiting on you; Antonio Richardson, we’re waiting on you; John Jenkins, we’re waiting on you; and Jeoffrey Pagan, we’re waiting on you. Come join what we’re putting together, the Dream Team. But remember, a dream is only a dream until you make it reality. So I’m calling you out on this one. I hope you’re not afraid to be thrown into the fire. I hope you’re not afraid to be the ones to make the change.”
And, maybe it's paying off. Pagan de-committed from Clemson and it appears he's leaning heavily towards the Dawgs, as is Jenkins.  Crowell has been mum lately, but a canceled trip to Auburn indicates that he's closer to his decision between Alabama and Georgia. While Crowell will be a big boost to the Dawgs' offense, it's the defense that's benefiting the most right now. Drew, nick-named the "Pastor of Disaster" for his combined work as an ordained reverend and abilities on the field, is UGA's 23rd signee, leaving only five openings. Who will fill those spots? I guess we'll have to wait for signing day and see...


  1. are we one of those teams that offers more scholarships than spots available?

  2. Not usually. The NCAA cap is 28 and we usually try to stay at 25. This year might be a little different with the talent available - look for all 28 to go. I doubt we'll over sign, though.