Monday, January 3, 2011

The Home Stretch/Picking the BCS Title Game

Well, here we are, wrapping up the college football season and pretending we're not depressed about the long college football-less winter and spring headed our way. The NFL can only carry you so far, and the NBA and MLB are poor, poor substitutions. But, they are dragging out the cfb season all the way to January 10 now, so that might help some...even though it just seems wrong to be playing bowl games that late.

Speaking of bowl games, let's talk about what we've seen so far. First, yes, the Big Ten has done horribly (2-5 so far). But, it's been a lot of fans of SEC East schools I've heard running of at the mouth most. New Flash: The SEC East is also TERRIBLE. Florida is the lone bowl winner from our division, finally adding some dignity after Tennessee, South Carolina, and Georgia all lost the days before. And, Georgia fans should be talking ZERO shit; we lost to a C-USA team - C-USA, for fuck's sake. So, it's the SEC West that is truly dominant right now, with Alabama and Mississippi State (the 4th and 5th placed teams in that division, respectively) really flexing that Southeastern muscle on NYD to bring us back to 3-3 as a conference. Also overlooked here: The Big 12's ineptitude. They're one game better than the Big Ten (3-4) and only 1-2 against the Big Ten. So, are they just as bad? Or, worse even? Would you rather be the worst conference, or the conference that can't beat the worst conference?

Getting back to the SEC, will LSU and Auburn continue the West's successful trend? I've already picked against LSU in my bowl picks from Saturday, but I haven't made my official pick for the BCS Title game yet. Well, wait no longer, here goes:

BCS Title Game: This should be a fun to watch, high-scoring, game. I've heard some talk about Auburn being able to shut down the Ducks' offense, but I don't see it. I've been told that the Tigers' weakness is the secondary and that, since Oregon mainly runs, the Ducks won't be able to light up Auburn's D. Wrong. Oregon doesn't run the veer or a power-I game; it's a spread, and if you're out of place, or can't keep up, you will get burned - especially the secondary. Watch some highlights from this season, it's constantly DB's having to tackle these high-flying Ducks. Plus, I admit Fairley's a beast, but he's a pass-rushing beast, not a run-stopper. I'm not saying he can't do it, or do it well, it's just not his strength or why he's such a household name. If Oregon moves the play away from him, he's nullified and the Duck's staff has the coaching and schemes to do just that. So, I'm not seeing how Auburn is just going to shut the Ducks down - they're just too good of a team...on offense. Defensively, the Ducks don't have anything to stop Cam Newton, period. Nobody does. And, as the game progresses, the Battering Cam will wear down the Ducks' D and help put it away for the Tigers. The Ducks will settle for a FG somewhere in the third and then feel like they're playing catch-up; and that will be all she wrote: Auburn 45, Oregon 30

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