Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Congrats to Auburn...and questions for next season

And congrats to the SEC for their continuing dominance, five-in-a-row, 7-0 all time in BCS title games. But, this was the least dominant win we've had. Does this indicate a new trend in cfb? Will the Pac-10 be able to produce speed enough to consistently compete with the SEC? Does the conference even have this win without Cam Newton? I seriously doubt it. Without him, Auburn doesn't make the game and Oregon celebrates a win over TCU. With him, they go 13-0, make it here, and allow the truly dominant facet of the SEC to shine: defense. But, what will next season bring? LaMichael James is returning and Chip Kelly's a great coach, will the Ducks be back? That seems more likely than a return trip for the Tigers, who will most certainly be Cam-less in 2011. As an SEC fan, it seems the domination-gap could be shrinking; to a cfb fan in general, that could be a good thing. Oh well, it's late and those are questions for later. Besides, I hear they're throwing some toilet paper around down at Toomer's Corner. You won't hear it here much, but, for the Moviegoer, War Eagle!

BTW, if you're looking for thoughts on the game, check out the twitter feed over on the right, it's a pretty good running commentary on the showdown.


  1. the parity is definitely there, and the sec will not always be dominant. but till that day, i say, enjoy it.

  2. I know one conference cannot always be dominant. What I'm wondering if the slip is starting now.