Monday, January 10, 2011

This is it.

 Tonight is the BCS Title game, the last game of the season. Honestly, there's only one way this game can disappoint me: a low scoring snooze-fest. If both teams come out rusty and start exchanging punts, I'll be pissed. Beyond that, I'll be stoked if at least one teams scores points. Most of me, of course, wants another SEC win, but part of me would like to see Oregon begin changing the paradigm in cfb. And what better way to do that than with a nasty blowout? So, 45-44 or 45-7, I don't care, as long as someone's scoring, early and often. Also, I don't want terrible commentating. I feel good since the game's not on Fox (thank god), but we could hear some serious biased discussions this evening. As Spencer writes in his 43 Bold Predictions for tonight, " a long Auburn TD will be greeted with "Oh, there's that SEC speed!" A similar TD for Oregon will be blamed on a blown coverage." That doesn't sound too far off, no one around here is really giving Oregon a fair shot (including me), so of course the noise makers will try and chalk up any Duck success to some Auburn based problem, because that's how bad it's gotten: most homers around here believe that the only team that can beat an SEC title contender is itself. These are the people who I'd like to see silenced,'s just too hard to not wave the league flag. So, essss eeeee seeeee...

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  1. All of the games have been really underwhelming this bowl season. I'm hoping for a shootout.