Friday, January 7, 2011

LTDx NFL Playoffs - Week 1 Picks

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Saints vs Seattle :

Seahawks have 1 win all season vs a playoff team, I will take the Saints to win easy. I love Pete and he does LTD but the Saints will be too much.

Saints win 35-13

On a personal note: I would love to see the Seahawks pull the upset ( as a Falcons fan ) ! ! !

Jets vs Colts

This is the kind of game Peyton Manning lives for. He will have someone step up that no one is expecting and find holes in the Jets D. The Jets have had a strange year and it comes to an end this weekend! Sanchize will struggle to find a rhythm but hit a few big plays to keep them close.

Colts win 27-20

Ravens vs Chiefs

Chiefs have had a surprising season but I think the Ravens have the edge in this game. Experienced defense steps up and stops this young Chiefs offense. Close game thanks to Matt Cassell’s late comeback attempt but cannot pull it off.

Ravens win 24-20

Packers vs Eagles

This is a tough one to call. Vick has looked better than ever this season. The Pack has been up and down, but finished strong. Aaron Rogers needs to win this game to really reach the next level and not be just another fantasy stud.

Packers offense will prove to be too much for the Eagles and Vick will look confused by an aggressive Packers D lead by AJ Hawk.

Packers win 35-27 over the Eagles ( this is my upset special )


  1. Thanks for the NFL flava - nice picks. I think you're right about New Orleans, but I HATE the Saints.

  2. Agreed...only variable could be Vick going for 1,000 yards in one game. It could happen