Monday, August 8, 2011

Boise Fan Picks Boise.

If you can make it through the horrible grammar and spelling errors/typos in this OneBroncoNationUnderGod post, you'll find that they're of the mind that Boise State will win pretty easily in the Dome. (EDIT: On further review, you'll find this is a "fan post", not an official blog post.) They go through eahc possible match-up and the only one seen as a Georgia advantage is "Georgia Pass Offense." The overall opinion is very azure-tinted indeed:
With the improved recruiting in the recent year for Boise State the size and speed issue normally facing a non BCS against an SEC opponent should be a non issue. With 7 returning starters, expect the Bronco offense to move the ball with relative ease against the Bulldog defense.  Georgia will have a difficult time establishing the run in this match up and will have to relay heavily on the passing game.  The Bronco defense should win this match up, also returning 7 starters on the opposite side.  If the Bulldogs offense has to become one dimensional, with the Broncos shutting down the young and inexperienced rush attack, they will have to relay heavily on the passing game, and should put Georgia at a huge disadvantage. This game should be a easy win for Boise State.
I know I'm biased and I've already made a contrary pick, but this seems a pretty confident pick...especially when the line in Vegas is only 1'. Could this happen? ABSOLUTELY. Will it? I don't think so.

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