Thursday, August 18, 2011

From All Over

1. Not good: Isaiah Crowell and Richard Samuel both sat out during Georgia's second scrimmage this week. This is it, the albatross that will drown us this season: depth. Without these two we have walk-ons playing tailback and the O-line seems just as thin. A 2-0 start might not mean anything if just one offensive player gets hurt...

2. Will Muschamp is dead to me. It was one thing to lead opposing defenses against us Auburn. I even understood taking the Florida job - I mean, it's his career. He irked me a little more when - apparently to really convince his new fan base of his loyalty - shit-talked our shared Alma Mater, but it's all in the game. But now? Completely unforgivable. I mean, the man's hawking Pepsi. He may as well burn down an orphanage (h/t Blutarsky).

3. I was kidding when I said in my Hurricane's post, "He then apparently took that money and made it rain all over the Miami Hurricanes program in such a fashion that Uncle Luke complained how over the top it was." I didn't realize how close I was to something there. Uncle Luke himself took to his column in the Miami New Times to let everybody know that Nevin Shapiro Can Kiss His Ass.

4.  Orson Charles, along with most of the briefly-mentioned players from Shapiro's story, was cleared by the NCAA.

5. EA still has not fixed the Teambuilder Online Dynasty problem. You should have seen the run-around I was given in online chat support session. First, I waited in a queue of ten that took ten minutes to get throiugh. After a few brief, but tense, exchanges, my technician curtly told me a supervisor would have to deal with me and, without consent, switched to a new 42-person long queue. Maybe I was being a but confrontational, but this shit's ridiculous. Here's Oscar Rogers with another appearance detailing a simple 3-step process for EA to use to get this glitch patched:

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