Friday, August 19, 2011

C'mon, Iowa

Wow. Iowa has really taken the Republican straw poll at the State Fair to heart. They've apparently swallowed the lie republicans sell, non-stop, hook, line, and sinker; just look at the new trophy they unveiled.

That's what the Cy-Hawk trophy looks like now. It has NOTHING to do with football or a direct connection to anything inherently Iowan. I mean, not all trophies have to depict the sport in which they're won. The Floyd of Rosedale and the Heartland trophy are good examples of traditional trophy-fied depictions of Midwestern life. But they've been around for almost a hundred years. What they depict was actually pertinent at the time. That new abomination above has been around for less than three days and exhibits "an Iowa family together after a day on the farm"; somehting that less than five percent of Iowan families do! All that 'small-town, family values, baby Jesus' shit from the GOP tents must have really trickled down over the trophy designers. That thing sucks.

Here's what it used to look like:

Hey, is that a football on there? Can't have that, Michelle Bachman might cry. Grow up, Iowa; this looks like some dumb shit SEC schools would come up with had we been clever enough to create trophies back in the day.

[Gratuitous Bachman in Iowa image:]

So Presidential. Bonus: She Hates Science! That's good for the 21st century.

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