Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stand aside, Georgia.

Dry your eyes, Dawg fans, your time to complain about uniforms has past. So your multimillion dollar deal with Nike means you have to wear a cutting edge uniform once a season every few years and half the fanbase doesn't like it. Wah, wah, crybaby. At least you're not Maryland. IN an attempt to trump Nike's Pro Combat line, Under Armor has gone full-retard on a uniform line of their own with the home team Terps first in line. They've mixed all the colors from the team, the Maryland state flag, and, well, who fucking knows, really, and rolled out over 30 possible combinations of second-rate unis. And Maryland's stuck with them forever, not just one game.

It looks like they've completely screwed up the right red color; it seems almost Miami-orange. But the black-on-blacks are OK and it's hard to screw up white. I will officially go on record, though, as a full-on supporter of the helmet:

That's right, ACC foes: tortoise shell. I really do like it; incorporating mascots into a uniform design will always earn you credit with me (I heart you, TCU's 2009 Pro Combats).

Here's a link to the full pic gallery of all the choices. The site looks like it was designed for local mechanic in 1997 and I only get the photos to load about half the time, but enjoy.

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