Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mark Richt hates Energy Vampires.

UPDATE: I didn't see this until I got home today, but EDSBS has already hit this one. Hilariously hard.
They really are trying to change the energy in Athens, these days. We've got a new strength and conditioning program, the post-Liberty loss pact, and now this. The program is calling out guys who torpedo positivity; complainers, debbie downers, and negative nellies are all unwelcome in Mark Richt's locker room. Anyone caught offending will be labelled an "Energy Vampire." Seriously, energy vampire; like with a straight face and everything.

"It's a new distinction for anyone on the team who complains or doesn't meet certain standards. If a teammate is nominated by another player for the "energy vampire board" and coach Mark Richt approves, the offending player ends up with his photo plastered all over video boards in the weight room, usually photo-shopped to include fangs and other unflattering enhancements.

"If you say something negative, if you're not doing something positive when we're doing activities as a team, you can be called an ‘energy vampire,'" sophomore linebacker Chase Vasser said. "Anybody who hears you say something like, ‘I don't want to be here,' you can be turned into the coach and you'll get your face on the board. They'll take a picture of you and put a wig on you with some vampire teeth and crazy-looking eyes.""
I'd make more fun of it, but it comes from a place of success: Mike Smith and the Atlanta Falcons. Apparently, Smith read about the term and incorporated it into his program and brought it around to some clinics and workshops this spring. Also, a true homer would never poke fun at his alma mater and his pro team in one fell swoop. But it is kinda dumb. Let us win the SEC, though, and you'll be hard pressed to find a fuck for me to give, no matter how dumb I thought it was in August.

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