Monday, August 15, 2011

Dynasty Update: Fuck You, EA.

Well, there probably won't be any Screaming Eagle news in the near future. Every single time I try to load my online dynasty, the console freezes. I've looked around some message boards and the EA forums and found that I am nowhere near alone in experiencing this problem. It seems to be even worse for dynasties that use Teambuilder custom schools, so I'm doubly screwed. I've run through the trouble shooting tips on the NCAA website to no avail and am now trying to send an email to customer support, but it's nigh on impossible as I don't have the info for some of the required fields. Also, the live chat has proven useless. Unless this gets fixed, there will be no Hayden Fox and Minnesota State updates. I know you're crushed.

Until then, I have one suggestion for EA:

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