Monday, August 22, 2011

From All Over

  • Little by little, the Pro Combats are growing on me. At least the helmet has, anyway. I still think they could've used some more detailing. My vision is three black stripes on the pants, with silver in between, that form the UGA arch on the hip. It would break up the plainness of the all reds and be a nod to a Georgia tradition.
  • Sit down, Caleb King. The academically ineligible wunderkind failed to be picked up in the supplemental draft. Man, he's really going places.
  • You wanna throw with a patriot? Apparently Jordan Jefferson does. He's accused of allegedly kicking a Marine in the head during a bar fight in Baton Rouge this weekend. A few other Tigers' names are being bandied about as suspects, as well, but there's been no arrests or direct police action. Don't worry, though, a top defense attorney is on the case. How did these players with no jobs afford him? Don't ask questions, loser, this is pro bono shit, not some kind of improper benefit.
  • Littering and...littering and...littering and...smoking the refer: Oregon has their problems heading into that season in Arlington, too. Wideout Cliff Harris was already in trouble for his attempted time-traveling earlier this summer, but now we've found out that QB Darron Thomas was riding shotgun and there may or may not have been marijuana involved.Who will be left on the field for these teams come kickoff?
  • Tennessee gives up, "Opportunity is Nowhere."

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