Friday, August 12, 2011

Expansion Update

Texas A&M cannot do anything until their Board of Regents meets. Today, they announced they're moving their August 20th meeting up to Monday morning and will be adding an item to the agenda. It seems they will give lateral decision-making powers to University president, Bowen Loftin, and encourage him to do whatever is needed to get the Aggies into the SEC. The Monday meeting comes the day before a special session of the Texas legislature meets Tuesday, likely to discuss re-alignment. By then, though, the Aggies could be SEC-bound.

Why the formality? Because the SEC doesn't want to bang anybody's girlfriend; they want her to dump their dopey boyfriend first. So A&M will withdraw from the Big-12, you know, because things just aren't working and they need some time; it's not the Big-12, it's A&M, etc. Only then will they get the invite to join the SEC.

What happens next? Well, the SEC could stay put at 13 teams with one lop-sided division, like the MAC (which they'd be willing to accept if forced to just to get that sweet lone star recruiting spread). More likely, they'll add another team to get to 14 teams, seven to a division. So who will it be?

The SEC would love Oklahoma, but the Sooners are most likely hobbled by their in-state little brothers. Virginia Tech is a nice target - a valuable new media market (DC), decent recruiting, and semi-close by - but their AD has said they'd decline an offer. That leaves the rumors swirling about Florida State as the most likely next step.

Who's on the list behind that? There have been Clemson and Missouri rumors, as well as UNC and Miami mentions. Does the expansion cause more realignment? Do the Pac-12 and B1G poach more from the Big-12? Will the SEC stay at 14? Or, do they go to 16 and break all hell loose in cfb? Whatever happens, it should be fun.

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  1. I think Florida State would be a super interesting addition to the SEC. Ditto for Clemson. What's the likelihood that either team would accept an invitation, you think?