Sunday, September 18, 2011

David Bennett Got His Dawgs.

A win is a win, even it comes against the likes of Coastal Carolina. The win is nothing to get too excited about, but how we won makes me ecstatic. I only noticed a few questionable things and the execution was crisp all the way around. It was a fun match-up, too - with Georgia having donated the equipment that Coastal used to start their program. And I learned more about the chanticleer mascot; a chanticleer rooster actually does have blue-ish feathers in and around the tail and the mascot name was inspired by Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. Pretty Cool.

What wasn't cool? The kicking game. I know Walsh nailed a 56-yarder and all, but that first miss was atrocious. That makes three misses so far and we're only through three games. This is something that could bite us right in the ass in a close game. Also, the first offenive play call was questionable. Why run what's basically a wide receiver screen to start the game against an FCS opponent? I don't mind passing a lot early to help Murray find a rhythm, but let him use his athletes against inferior coverage - run deeper routes; they'll be open. Speaking off Murray, it seems like he's, well, just missing something. It feels like there's been no growth or improvement since last year. Very troubling.

I was also a little angry we went with Carlton Thomas so much when we're trying to establish Crowell as our feature back. But, that one became a little clearer when we saw the trainers seeing to Crowell on the sideline...I'm very concerned that this nagging injury thing could eventually sideline him for good. If that happens, add him to the junk heap of busted backs that have come through here. Something else: just go ahead and switch either Crowell or Smith to no. 21; then you can use them at the same time. Imagine the pays you could run out of a Smith-Boykin-Crowell package.

Now, I don't just want to complain and criticize. There were a lot of good things yesterday. We did shut them out, which is always nice, even against an FCS team. The defense showed some speed and Grantham deployed some fun sets, with Jenkins at end some and mixing up the front, with as few as two and as many five men playing down. We still didn't get a sack, but we did force some bad throws with pressure. Overall, a good day deensively.

Lastly, get well soon, Larry!

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