Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Evening QB

Well, I've got a sore knee, a crick in my neck, and sore throat/lost voice - all-in-all, I'd say the first home game weekend pretty well. Well, everything leading up to the game went well. On the field, things look a little bleak, but oddly enough, maybe not as bad as they did last weekend. Most of my day was consumed with either pre-gaming for or watching South Carolina-Georgia, so I didn't see as much as I would have liked. But between napping fits, late night hazes, highlight shows, and replays, here's what stood out to me.

First, 0-2's never good.

At least Auburn keeps football fun. They might not be a contender in the West, but they're 2-0 and have kept their games interesting...for the casual fan, anyway. I'd imagine it's been quite frustrating for Tiger fans, while heartbreaking for Utah State fans and downright confusing for those cheering for Mississippi State.

While we're at it, chalk-up that Georgia-South Carolina as another game where the casual fan probably had more fun than an invested party, especially the 4th quarter.

Alabama is exactly who we thought they were. I understand Penn State is not really a true proving ground in cfb anymore and that 'Bama didn't exactly roll over the Nits, but the Tide showed us exactly what we expected: Saban-ball. Alabama hit almost 200 rushing yards, had one QB play all day (QB with floppy hair who protects the ball, mind you), and their defense pretty much suffocated Penn State until late in the 4th. It's not pretty, but it wins.

Russell Wilson and Montee Ball looked great leading Wisconsin. But can they do it against a big-time opponent?I don't see why not. Every Wisky report is topped with a qualifier deriding the caliber of the Badgers' opponents. I think we all know that UNLV and an Oregon State squad coming off a loss to an FCS team are not powerhouses. But the Badgers haven't even looked momentarily uncomfortable at any point in these games. I'm not saying they'll blowout more serious competition by similar 30-40 point margins, but why do we treat them they - unlike some other teams with similar opening weeks - have so much to prove?

How about that first night game in the Big House? If you wondering if Denard Robinson could still do all those things that made him Denard Robinson in the constraints of the new offense, rest your head. Shoelace will always be Shoelace. If you were wondering about Michigan's defense, um, keep wondering. I saw a lot of this game through a sleepy haze, but there was no denying the excitement of that last minute.

Ohio State almost embarrassed themselves against Toledo. Actually, after a re-tabulation, we're being told that only beating the Rockets by five points is still pretty fucking embarrassing.

Speaking of re-tabulation, how's that official final from the Utah-USC game going over in Vegas?

Last, but certainly not least, my best wishes to Jerry Kill and his family.

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